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Hi, my name is Olivia, I specialise in helping companies retain and attract their dream employees, I have over 15 years’ experience working closely with business in retaining and attracting new employees.

I have extensive experience with contract and permanent recruitment.My clients are based in the UK, Europe and USA. Ranging from start-ups to international blue-chip companies, covering a wide range of position from customer service to board level positions across multiple industries. By working in partnership, my focus is on the business and to help them grow and retain their employees through listening to the needs and what they are wanting to achieve.

Throughout my career working with business leaders on a wide range of recruitment needs; one off placements, retained project, full team implementation, business growth strategy and implementation. The one thing that has always been clear to me about the best way to do recruitment is to get to know the company and what it’s like to work there and know the team they are looking to add to. In doing this I can help you in attracting the best person(s). 

Your relationship with your employee starts with your recruitment process. If you engage in the right way, your starting your relationship off on a strong foundation. My promise to you is, I will give you a completely dedicated service that is focused around you and your business needs to attract and retain your employees. 


Business Service

Transforming of the workplace though employee attraction and engagement, by working in partnership with business leaders and owners who want to engage with their employees. 

By having an initial consultation, we would work out what package or mix of packages are going to be best fit for your needs. All work undertaken is bespoke to your needs and business. 

Recruitment Process Management

Review of internal processes and implementation of bespoke process for your business needs and plans.  

Employee Retainment program

For companies who are having high turnover of employees and really want to review and change this. 

New Employee (s) program

Employee Attraction and/or Employee Retention – Evaluation of current recruitment and onboarding processes.

Business Growth Program

For companies who are looking to expand teams over the next 12-24 months. Incorporates market analysis and competitor mapping. 

Recruitment Packages

Permanent, Contract and temporary engagements. 


Please email olivia@mindfulrec.uk and we can book in a call/meeting and we can work out how best to move forward.


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